Tyranids: Hormagaunts

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Tyranids: Hormagaunts

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    A Hormagant is one of the most dangerous Tyranid creatures in a hive fleet. Not because of their size or particular malignancy, but because they multiply out of control. When attacking a planet, Hormagaunts are seeded onto the target world by Mycetic Spores. They breed quickly and then rampage across the planet, killing anything they find.

    The Tyranid Hive Mind does not need to instruct the Hormagant to attack targets, as they instinctively feed on anything they can find. This is due to the cravings that define them from the moment they are spawned.

    A seemingly stable bio-mutation of the Gaunt genus of Tyranid warbeasts, the Hormagaunt is a biological machine, a living weapon designed and bred for a single purpose: to shut down a living enemy as quickly as possible and eviscerate them with his long-leafed claws and do this over and over and over again without remorse or indulgence until nothing living opposes him.

    Unleashed in vast, restless schools composed of tightly packed rows of curling claws and hard-edged plates of chitin, hormagant move across the ground as if igniting swift schools of deadly fish. Attracted by the smell of blood, they will approach prey, leaping, screaming, and scurrying. They leave nothing alive in their wake.


    • Scything Claws - These jagged, chitinous claws are the Hormagaunt's primary weapon. They allow the Hormagaunt to disable its prey before feeding begins.
    • Venom Sacs - These tick-like organisms inject virulent toxins that coat the Tyranid's claws and teeth.
    • Adrenal glands - Adrenal glands are found on many variants of the Front Tyranid. The biomorph floods the creature with a variety of chemicals and hormones designed to speed up metabolic processes, sending the Tyranid creature into a hyperactive state of frenzy.



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