Tuscany Essential Edition - EN

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Tuscany Essential Edition - EN

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    Beschrijving van Tuscany Essential Edition - En - STM305 : Tuscany Essential Edition features 3 expansion modules to Viticulture that can be used in any combination: special workers, the extended board, and structures. Our favorite way to play is with all 3 expansion modules at the same time, but you can try them out 1 at a time to see how they work. Content: • 1 extended board (matte, double-sided) and 36 wooden stars • 6 structure mats and 36 structure cards • 11 special worker cards and 2 special worker meeples per player (plus 2 generic)

    60-150 minuten



    Minimum leeftijd: Vanaf 14 jaar

    Spelers: 1 tot 6 spelers



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