The Witcher Old World Legendary Hunt Exp. - NL

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The Witcher Old World Legendary Hunt Exp. - NL

Default Title — €48,99

    Beschrijving van The Witcher: Old World Legendary Hunt Expansion - En - 73933 : Legendary Hunt brings a whole new Game Mode with 7 huge boss monsters.

    It includes 7 huge miniatures, 7 monster Cards with other special tokens, and Cards. With that expansion there is a big monster moving through the Continent, sawing terror and destruction. Witchers train, hunt monsters, and strive to prepare for a final enemy. Killing a Legendary Monster is the only way to win the game. You can learn more about that Expansion here.

    • 7 Boss Miniatures (68mm height)
    • 7 Large Boss Cards
    • 20 Special Combat Cards
    • 12 Legendary Monster Movement Cards
    • 12 Destruction Tokens

    90-150 minuten



    Minimum leeftijd: Vanaf 14 jaar

    Spelers: 1 tot 5 spelers



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