Harry Potter: Ravenclaw House Pride - En


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Harry Potter: Ravenclaw House Pride - En

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    Beschrijving van Harry Potter: Ravenclaw House Pride - En - 40-87440 : Bursting with beautiful illustrations to colour, Harry Potter: Ravenclaw: The Official Colouring Book is a must-have colouring book for members of this house and fans of the magical film series.Grab your coloured pencils it's time for colouring wizardry! Show your house pride with intricate all-new artwork of characters, iconic objects, and magical places from the Harry Potter films, all themed to house Ravenclaw. Featuring important house moments from the Sorting Ceremony, Yule Ball, feasts, and so much more, this colouring book is jam-packed with special designs and scenes every wise Ravenclaw will love.

    Speelduur: 10 minuten



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