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Corrosion - En

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    Beschrijving van Corrosion - En - 40-68229 : Smiling, you stand in the center of your factory: the sweet sounds of metal clattering and engines rattling are warming your entrepreneurial heart. Your goal is to build diversified scoring and production engines in order to outrival the other factory owners. However, in the steam-filled air, your biggest enemy is time, because most machines and gears rust away quickly. So you are well advised to also produce rustproof chrome gears and invest in powerful chrome machines. In Corrosion, you play as a group of engineers in a factory who make machines by gathering resources like gears and steam. Put the machines and gears to clever use before your corrosion wheel is turned and your parts rust away! Play different types of engineers for different actions! There are three main suits: blue, green, and orange. In addition, there are a gray suit and a wild suit among the qualified engineers. An engineer of the wild suit can be played to copy the action of a lower-grade engineer of any of the three main suits but not the gray one! However, if you play an engineer of the wild suit on your turn, the other players can copy her action with a higher-grade engineer of any of the three main suits or wild suits. Be careful with your movements as players will be interacting with the cards you play and actions you choose!

    Speelduur: 10 minuten



    Minimum leeftijd: Vanaf 12 jaar

    Spelers: 2 tot 4 spelers



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