Cluebox Escape Room In A Box Davy Jones Locker

Escape Room

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Cluebox Escape Room In A Box Davy Jones Locker

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    Beschrijving van Cluebox Escape Room In A Box Davy Jones Locker - No. 111241 : The Cluebox is an interactive puzzle box with various puzzles and tasks that must be solved one after another to open the box. In other words, it is an escape room in a handy format! In our tricky escape game nothing is based on randomness, but only on logical decisions. The Cluebox is a brain game that not only provides a lot of puzzle fun, but can also be used as a unique gift box. Developed by escape games fans for escape games fans! Are you experienced in playing brain teaser games, solving mystery boxes or riddles? The Cluebox will not disappoint you! New to the world of escape room games and quest puzzles? Time to jump in and open Davy Jones' Locker!

    Speelduur: 10 minuten

    Artikelnummer:No. 111241


    Minimum leeftijd: Vanaf 12 jaar




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