Citadel Tools: Drill

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Citadel Tools: Drill

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    Beschrijving van Citadel Tools: Drill - 66-64 - Games Workshop - 99239999123 : Do you want to drill tiny holes in your miniature gun barrels so they look like they could fire miniature bullets? Want to experiment with pinning hard-to-fix pieces in place when building and converting your miniatures? A reliable drill suitable for use on miniatures can be used in all manner of ways, and the Citadel Tools design team were eager to take on the challenge of redesigning the hobby drill to make it easier and safer to use by incorporating a number of design features:

    – Designed primarily in a light-weight hard plastic to reduce hand fatigue
    – Ergonomic shape incorporating ridges and grooves increases control and allows you to safely exert pressure
    – Bit-securing barrel is recessed into the handle, so it won’t unscrew during use
    – Freely rotating end cap allowing you to push down gently and rotate at the same time
    – Includes four bits in two sizes, perfect for a wide variety of Citadel model kits, stored in their own container when not in use
    Speelduur: 10 minuten



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