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Chili Mafia - En

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    Beschrijving van Chili Mafia - En - 95540 : Chili Mafia is the first game in the Globetrotter Game Series. Inspired by our travels, each game in the series takes players to a different country. What we provide for your journey: a suitcase with all components (game box), a passport (rulebook) and a boarding pass (game summary). Collect the entire series and travel the world with us!

    Chili Mafia is a fun 2-8 player set-collection party card game, inspired by Mexico.

    Play individually or in teams, and build chili pepper gangs to score the most points in the 'Card game that packs heat.'

    The Chili Mafia base game includes everything you need to play the game with 2-8 players.

    200+ ivory core linen finish cards
    1 Holofoil ‘Dawn Raid’ card
    Magnetic, sleeve-friendly game box
    English rulebook (digital rulebook available in 10 languages)

    Speelduur: 10 minuten



    Minimum leeftijd: Vanaf 8 jaar

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