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Castle Von Loghan - En

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    Beschrijving van Castle Von Loghan - En - 90151 : Castle Von Loghan is a co-op, group-decision making, survival board game that offers a unique narrative and dungeon-crawling gaming experience. The game includes several game modes, such as Story Campaign and Exploration.

    Working together as one group, the players adventure inside Castle von Loghan where they will face an array of dangers but also will find several valuable treasures.

    During each turn, players have to decide where to go next, solve the secrets of the room in which they have arrived, battle the enemies protecting it, then prepare for the next encounter.

    The only route to winning the game is through survival — and to survive, they need to work together.

    Notable mechanisms: Sharing of health and clarity, unique narrative events that require careful listening and decision making, a ten-game-long Story Campaign that is filled with the best RPG elements one could expect, easy-to-understand card-based tactical combat that comes with a variety of outcomes.

    Speelduur: 10 minuten



    Minimum leeftijd: Vanaf 8 jaar

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