Bolt Action 2 Us Army Winter Support Group - En

Bolt Action

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Bolt Action 2 Us Army Winter Support Group - En

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    Although caught unawares and ill-equipped by Hitler?s last gamble in the West ? the Battle of the Bulge ? embattled US troops won through whilst staving off the twin foes of the German offensive and the harsh winter conditions. Clad in greatcoats, Mackinaw jackets and anything else to keep the bitter cold at bay, the soldiers of the US Army fought, and most often won, in the cold against their Italian and German adversaries. US Army officers ? mindful of enemy snipers picking them out ? dressed and armed themselves much like the other ranks. The reliable .30 Cal medium machine gun gave the GI squads devastating firepower whilst also being supported by accurate suppressive fire from 81mm medium mortars. This box set contains the following: 3 officers with carbine/rifle 1 medic 1 radio operator/spotter 1 medium mortar team 1 MMG team



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