Bilibo Lila, 39X39X2Cm, 2


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Bilibo Lila, 39X39X2Cm, 2

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    Beschrijving van Bilibo Lila, 39X39X2Cm, 2-8J - 5043504 - Moluk - 5043504 : You need more than one or two words to describe a Bilibo. It looks like a big shell, but it’s brightly coloured with two holes at the front. In the hands of children, such a shell transforms itself into a doll’s bed, a treasure chest, a tray for snowballs, a tunnel for toy trains, a boat for in the bath, a helmet, etc. With it, they can slide, roll, jump, spin and a whole lot more. Bilibo is a toy with an unlimited number of possibilities and a source of inspiration for a whole range of new games. BILIBO lila, 39x39x2cm, 2-8j
    Speelduur: 10 minuten



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